Jacob leads after Salamandre

We see quite a logical result after the first event of CRC 2018. Local star Christophe Jacob did not accept any resistance at the Salamandre rally, Chris White became a logical second in CRC, at least the team kept their car on the road, something that can not be said of many. Third in CRC was Bill Cook, who also claimed Historic win in that other Challenge, FIRC. Bill plans the full FIRC in 2018, and thus at least four CRC rallies. Will he be the man to beat? No points for Paul McDevitt, whose paddleshifted 300bhp VXR Corolla was judged "not actually historic", a bit of a misunderstanding. More Flemish and British drivers will join CRC in the following events, but with Jacob and White doing a limited amount of events, it looks like the most regular team will claim the best title chances, regardless which class they're in. The season is still long however.



Peter Demeyere wins Classic Rally Challenge 2017
The maiden edition of this new Challenge showed a couple of surprises before the start, and even more during the season. The idea was to create a sort of mini Championship for Belgian teams, and hopefully some foreign teams too, since 4 of the 6 events counted for the Flanders International Rally Challenge. Once bookings closed, the majority of the teams turned out to be foreign, with 4 British and 1 German team to compete with the Belgians.
However, bad luck would reign the Challenge. Bill Cook had a major crash at ORC Canal Rally that would ruin the rest of his season, Les Allfrey had a bad moment in Wervik as well. Mechanical nightmares would give a headache to Stephen Stringer, Ralph Merten and especially Richard Weaver, while Pascal Regnier was kept off the stages due to an overload of work in his business.
This led to only two competitors who had a more or less trouble free run: Walloon ace Christophe Jacob and Flemish ace Peter Demeyere, after all a battle the way it was intended to be. Bot men won their class in the events they started, and ended equal in points. However, Demeyere had a lot more stage wins in class, so he is the logic Champion. Nice cups are waiting, plus a free start for the next season. Congratulations!
More details on the 2018 Challenge will be posted early 2018, but all the events remain the same. Just note that Rally de Tournai moves to May.




Times change, the sport changes. Who could ever have thought that the cars which were once the backbone of the WRC as we know it, would be excluded from most events or championships nowadays? Or in the best case just would be tolerated without being able to score points anymore, all since new categories like WRC 1.6 or R5 were created? Some sleep in a museum, others collect dust in the corner of a workshop. These cars are simply too cool to be ignored or even forgotten, and there are still so many around!

On the other hand, who would have predicted some 20 years ago we would see a massive army of top Historic cars nowadays? With a very active motorsport industry around it? Being nostalgic has its reasons, maybe things were simply more fun in the past.

Rallychallenge.be aims to become a platform for the old and the not so old, with spectacular cars giving the crowd top entertainment, where drivers can live their passion and compete with each other in affordable and well organised events.

Belgium is well positioned in Europe to avoid long travelling, and has a thriving rally culture to offer with loads of fans and exciting closed public road stages. Setting up a new concept like this will not be easy, but we will keep on pushing our efforts to boost both Challenges to an international success!